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About Us

Welcome to ENIQUA Beachclubwear, the lovechild of glamour and Swiss precision.

Founded in Zürich in 2011, ENIQUA makes bikinis so eye-catching, they should come with a paparazzi warning.

We cater to the ladies who party in Mykonos, sail across Côte d'Azure, and are always the last to leave Miami Beach. Our bikinis are like your passports - glamorous, adventurous, and always ready to make a splash.

Designed in Switzerland and hand-stitched in Italy, our bikinis are dressed to impress, adorned with shiny fabrics, sparkling crystals and our sun-kissed golden logo plate.

We’re as committed to quality and sustainability as a squirrel is to his acorns, ensuring our beachwear is crafted ethically.

We've danced at expos from Moscow to Miami, making connections faster than a beachgoer runs from a seagull.

ENIQUA revolutionized swimwear by introducing "Beachclubwear" - for the women who sparkle brighter than a disco ball, but won’t settle for anything less than top-shelf quality.

At ENIQUA, you're not just wearing a bikini; you're rocking a lifestyle.

From our German warehouse, we ship these statements in style to beach-lovers worldwide, because every beach is a potential ENIQUA runway.